Saturday, April 23, 2011


So today I am rambling. My imagination is huge, unconrtolable and insane. I love my imagination more then anything, and if I ever had to give it up, I'd kill myself. Unfortunately, people don't tend to accept my imagination, and don't understand me quite like I want to. They tell me its okay, take care of things I'd rather take care of and I just sit down Watching, knowing I could do better, I like control of my life, and what effects me. I don't like watching other people do things for me. Its irritating, I hate going to the grocery store and people bagging for me, Because well I know I can do better->I work at a grocery store as a bagger. I hate being an artist, and being critiqued. I know exactly what my problems and flaws are in a painting or a drawing, I hate being critiqued and people pointing out those flaws. My mother does that all the time to everything I do, so Why should I have to deal with that? I know to get better, To get better for who? Myself? Or Get better for the world to accept me? Why Should I have to be accepted? Most artists out in the world, who have ever been something, Did what they wanted, against the rules, fought, and Got noticed, Not because of What pleased everyone else. So basically what I'm trying to say... Art should be for the artist, an artist should be the one allowed to control their art, and society, well can basically Stop trying to control something/someone they should know they can't.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Main Grid. The wild Crazy world of Secondlife.

I haven't updated my blog in what seems like forever so I decided I'm going to blog again.

A lot has happened over the months, Fashion has changed, Teengrid merged with maingrid, Friends where lost, friends where gained, the world pretty much has gone upside down and insane. Madd* However is still running for you old fans from forever ago, teengrid years and youtube channel subscribers. I have things on xstreet, mainly just like 4 things. Sucker Punch themed outfits and a few dresses. Haha. Probably should update that but its so tedious!

Madd* is currently in EROS. Sim, preserving the fashion and the designers of Old Teengrid.
Here are my new sign photos for you all to enjoyy

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Love Denim

Madd* is releasing some awesome things this weekend.
Such as Madd* Denim. New Jeans for Guys finally. Witha sculpted belt and leg cuffs.
There will be 1-5 colors of the jeans for guys. They will be released This saturday:
(worn on male) Madd* Riley Denim Original. -Killie Howlett
Nerd Glasses- got waaay back unknown creator.
Hair: Logan - Expresso Made by Livi Beebe (no more store)
Boots- Liberty Boots- Wicked Loundon (no more store
(worn on Female) Madd* Expressive Skirt
Ariel - Midnyte -Wicked Loundon - Sold by Anderson Firecaster : Sudden Movements

Model is wearing:
Madd* Vita Hair -Releases this weekend ;)
Madd* Slayher Denim.
Madd* Ripped until Noon Tank.
Madd* Bra
[TAHN] - Double Chainie Necklace- Kimimila Core
Anyways the new denim items at Madd* will be released this weekend and Yay for guys your finally getting Madd* stuff!
Special thanks to:
RosalieHale Quinessta for modeling for me~!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


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